Our Process


Our first steps aim to identify and frame the problem: scope, site, context, program, and unique important issues.  A pre-design phase is often needed to establish goals, scope, budgets, or phasing for more complex or challenging projects. 

Conceptual Design

Our next steps conceptualize the projects form, organization, and orientation and include client meetings to review and incorporate owner feedback. 

Design Development

Next, we further develop the design by articulating details, materials, and quantities, according to a client’s specific needs, desires, and personality.  At its conclusion, we issue a preliminary pricing set for residential projects, which represents about 80% of the design work. 

Construction Documents and Construction Administration

We anticipate additional changes once a contractor is selected to fine tune budgets and coordinate engineering.  For commercial projects we typically handle preliminary pricing or bid sets following engineering based on the desired project delivery method and the projects completion time line. The process is carefully tailored to each project, but its nature remains the same.


Fees are also tailored to the project and are based on the anticipated time to be spent on the project.  We have a variety of structures to suit most preferences. They include; a charge per square foot, a percentage of construction cost, an hourly fee, or a combination of those options.  Our aim in establishing a fee is to ensure we cover the costs associated with our time and expenses.  We maintain a talented and skilled staff supported with building information modeling software which serve to ensure accurate documents and provide owners with many options of evaluating the design throughout the process.